Wellness (from to be well) by and large refers to an optimal lifestyle, accomplished through a balanced body and inner peace. Each individual attains complete tranquillity through different means – rest, massage, meditation, bathing, sauna… All of which can be found here! Our new Wellness Centre extends over an area of more than 1 000m2, which ranks it among the largest in the Czech Republic.

Wellness centre offer:

  • Sunny Meadow – an environment imitating a solarium with mild suntanning effect. Area-wide and contactless light therapy intended for general relaxation and rest. Recommended application is 5-10 minutes.
  • Oxygenotherapy – healing method based on oxygen inhalation through nasal probe or respiratory mask. It has favourable effect on the psyche, helps to slow down the process of physical and mental aging, and strengthens the immune system when fighting infections and enervation.
  • Laconium – a type of dry bath. Completely panelled relaxing room with a temperature of about 32 - 36°C. Intended for rest and calming of the organism.
  • Tepidarium – an environment with emphasis on relaxation. The visitor can relax on a heated bed tiled with ceramic mosaic in a room with a temperature of 28 - 32°C. Recommended for final relaxation and calming of the organism.
  • Sauna – a room with a temperature of about 75°C - 85°C, panelled with wood, fitted with sauna stove. Thanks to moistened hot stones, air humidity from 25-35% is maintained in the sauna. It helps to relax tired muscles and to calm down in general.
  • Cooling Pool - frigidarium –  used to cool the body after sauna; rapid cooling makes you feel good, improves blood circulation and brings general relief.
  • Icy Tub – procedure cooling the body after sauna with a stream of 10°C cold water.
  • Ice Well – another procedure of cooling the body with crashed ice of – 2 to - 20°C.
  • Whirlpool – whirling bath adjusted for sitting and body hydro-massage; one of the most popular wellness procedures. Water temperature 34 - 38°C. The stay in the bath should not exceed 30 minutes.
  • Roman Steam Bath – a room filled with steam of temperature of 40°C - 50°C, with natural essences and air humidity of about 70 – 90 %. The whole body is warmed up through heated seats. After steam application you are recommended to cool your body in the shower or in the pool. The procedure improves immunity, blood circulation, clears out airways, clears skin and relaxes nerves and muscles.
  • Salt Steam Bath - Inhalation – steam room with a temperature of 45°C - 50°C and air humidity of 75 - 85 %, where saltwater is dispersed in form of fine mist. It is used to warm the organism and to regenerate the skin and it has beneficial effect on respiratory mucosa. It is very beneficial and effective as eczema treatment, clearing airways an d boosting natural immunity. Recommended time of stay is 10-20 minutes.
  • Herbal Steam Bath - Inhalation – steam room intended to clear airways, saturated with fragrances of several kinds of herbs. The temperature in the steam chamber oscillates between 40°C and 45°C, air humidity between 65 – 75 %. Recommended time of stay is 10-20 minutes. 
  • Kneipp Bath – feet massage based on active massage of the soles by treading in a round pool alternatively in cold and warm water. The pool bottom is covered with pebbles. The therapy is suitable for treatment of headaches and cold feet syndrome, it has positive effect on blood circulation in extremities.

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New attractions in Lunapark!

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