Královská zahrada

 Stylish café with trees and a fountain in attractive setting in the very communication centre of the CENTRUM BABYLON.

Thanks to its placement and easy accessibility, it is an often visited place of company meetings and gatherings. The café offers a broad range of coffee kinds and desserts from the Babylon Patisserie, cocktails, alcoholic and soft drinks.

It includes also readers' and children's rooms.

You can now get the great ice cream ICE'N'GO! in Královská zahrada! ICE'N'GO! is the coldest dessert in the world, which people call “ice cream ball”. ICE'N'GO! is free of chemical preservatives, is made from fresh milk, cream, fruit and other natural products frozen at -197°C, stored at -50°C and served at -30°C, without any air content.

The production technologies take into account the latest findings from the field of healthy nutrition, focusing on the beneficial effect on the growing body. Once you’ve tasted ICE’N'GO!, take every opportunity to relive this remarkable experience, or try another flavor.



Opening hours
daily 9 am - 7 pm

Reservation Královská zahrada - GSM: +420 485 249 944


News from Babylon
4D CINEMA - temporary closure
Bowling – maintenance day
Bowling – maintenance day

On Monday 21st January

16. 01. 2019
iQLANDIA - temporary closure
iQLANDIA - temporary closure

28. 1. - 30. 1. 2019

17. 01. 2019

Phone: (+420) 485 249 202
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